Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sloka 23 and 24


ghaTaavabhaasako diipo ghaTaadanyo yatheShyate .
dehaavabhaasako dehii tathaahaM bodhavigrahaH .. 23..

Pada artha:

Yatha: just as
Deepaha: a lamp
Ghata avabhaasakaha: that illumines a jar
Ishyate: is accepted
Ghatat anyaha: as different from it
Tatha: so
Aham: I
Bodha vigraha: consciousness itself
Dehi: the Self
Deha avabhaasakaha: the illuminator of the body (am different from the body)

You should know that you, the Self as embodiment of the consciousness are the illuminator of the body and there fore quite distinct from it, just like a lamp illumining a jar, which is known to be different from it,

The Self as we have learnt is different from the previous slokas is different from the gross, subtle and the causal bodies. In the previous slokas, the guru explains to the student nature of atman as the witness and hence to ascertain that the Self is not the doer of all the actions. In this sloka, we learn nature of the Self as the all-illuminator. Just as the lamp that illuminates is different from the jar illumined, the illuminator and the illumined must of necessity be different from each other. Hence the Self which is verily consciousness due to which all the objects are perceived must be different from all the objects.

As we have also learnt in the Laghu vakya vritti Sloka 8, the consciousness which is self luminous though being the illuminator of all the objects (and their qualities) through the medium of adjuncts, like the intellect etc. can never be a subject of all modifications. Hence the teacher here is asking us to ascertain that "You are distinct from all the objects perceived as you are that sole illuminator".

Even the gross body, the mind, intellect and their modifications are illumined by the supreme consciousness only. The Upanishads proclaim Self as that which illumines the sun and the fire also, everything are illumined only by this and everything exists only due to the consciousness. The teacher is thus showing to the student that the Self which is the witness and illuminator of everything can never be the gross objects.


putravittaadayo bhaavaa yasya sheShatayaa priyaaH .
draShTaa sarvapriyatamaH so.ahamityavadhaaraya .. 24..

Pada artha:
Aham: I am
Saha drushta: one with the seer
Sarva priyat6amaha: the dearest to all
Yasya sheshataya: for whose sake
Bhavaha: persons and things
Putra-viithi-adaya: such ass children wealth etc.
Priyaha: are dear

Do ascertain the fact that you are one with the seer, the dearest of all for whose sake persons and things such as children and wealth are dear

...Explanations with Sloka 25...please refer next post

Hari OM

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